Shark fins 208x300 Shark Fin Soup Warms Bellies: Gives Stars To Sun Tung Lok

Shark fins

A high class restaurant situated in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Sun Tung Lok – which also happens to be very famous for its shark fin soup – has just gotten the honor of being the first restaurant, not part of a hotel, to be given three Michelin stars.

“After no less than eight visits in the past year by our inspectors, we decided that with its new chef, Joe Chan, the restaurant was a three star,” director of Michelin guides, Jean-Luc Naret explained.
“The chef has visited different parts of the mainland and incorporated ideas into the menu.”

Roughly eighty percent of the menu is Cantonese, which stems to include stuffed crab shell, roast suckling pig and beef rib with house gravy.

The price of the succulent shark fin soup ranges from $20 USD to $650.

The group of caterers opened up their branch in Tsim Sha Tsui four decades after the grand opening of their first restaurant in Happy Valley.

The soup has been popular amongst rather famous patrons of the restaurant such as Stanly Ho Hung-Sun, casino mogul, Lee Heung-kam, an actress, and Alex Fong Lik-sun, a singer.

A food critic and chef from Hong Kong, Lau Kin-Wai, has commented that the Sun Tung Lok deserves the highest rating as the quality of the soup is outstanding, and of course the innovative menu as well.

However, the soup is not sitting well with conservationist groups such as the WWF and PETA. The WWF has commented that is is rather disappointed for the three star rating, as it is rewarding bad behavior.

“Since the Michelin Guide is popular with diners, it may induce more shark fin consumption and further impact marine ecosystems,” a spokeswoman commented.