There are some that are afraid of sharks, big whites, tiger sharks or even dog sharks.. However, even more sinister, is the croc!

Since the time we were tiny, alone in our beds in the night, giant crocs have haunted our dreams, and we always end up waking up in a cold sweat after a croc tries to wrap its jaws around you.

Whatever the shrinks might say about these dreams, going on a volunteer mission to try and come face to face with a monster croc is not the world’s brightest idea.

Two weeks ago Herbie Harold discovered huge crocodile slide marks and claw prints just up the way from the Gulf of Carpentaria township of Normanton. Tie in the fact that the town pastor, Elton Thompson, has also seen this huge croc, and put photos up on his facebook, and you have the makings of a croc hunting adventure!

The croc was a real whopper, coming in at 8 meters in length, and is quickly capturing the attention of the nation.

So now there was someone to lead us to the croc, and someone to give the last rites.

Generally speaking, if a priest is wielding a foot long dagger in his belt, it’s usually cause for concern. However, when you are tracking a huge croc, it’s overlooked.

The journey begins by heading out to the favorite fishing haunt of Herbie, a small area on the banks of the Norman River. The markings of its claws can still be seen, and are small compared to the priest’s size fourteen shoes.

There is no croc to be seen though, so that night our intrepid interlopers head back in a 3.8 meter dinghy, just large nough to fit the tail of the monster croc they seek.

So, there is a large croc out there, the question is… Where is it??