A diving team from Kuwait has commented that this past Saturday that it had just completed their latest step in cleaning up 7 tons of harmful materials from the coral reef shelf of Qaruh island.

Walid Al-Shattie, the Marine Operations chief of the team, has commented recently to KUNA that this latest step in the cleanup effort utilized a seventy ton crane to help lift the harmful materials above the coral reefs as well as made use of a truck and trailer to transport the materials once they hit land.

Al-Shattie added that the diving team also used airbags and large canvas sacks during their twenty day mission to aid in the efforts to pick up the hazardous material from the coral reefs, and relocate it to more appropriate places in the seabed.

He explained that the team made use of special nets around the island of Qaruh to help contain the hazardous materials until such a time as they could be removed by lifting.

He also noted that the members of the diving team were leery that they may run into some of the old military equipment left over from the Iraqi 1990 invasion, as some military equipment has already been found above the coral reefs at Qaruh and Umm Al-Maradim islands.

That aside, it is good to see that interest in protecting and cleaning up the areas of coral reefs, and even though the face some element of danger, the efforts of this diving team are very much appreciated.