moonjellyfish 300x226 Tens of Thousands Of Jellyfish Wash up on  a Beach in San Francisco

Credit: André Karwath

Tens of thousands of jellyfish have been discovered washed up on the shores of Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

The jellyfish covered a section of the beach about three miles in length and twenty feet wide.

George Durgerian, a spokesman for the National Park Service, has commented that this strange event was much like “a huge, cobblestone walkway made of jellyfish.” he added that he has not seen anything like this before.

Durgerian reported the incident right away to the Ocean Beach Bulletin. He commented that this amazing thing can be seen by many residents of San Francisco from Pacheco to Lawton streets.

He went on record stating that the cause of this phenomenon could be the tides.

“There was a large swell overnight that may have been responsible,” he explained.

The jellyfish were identified by Durgerian as a common species known as moon jellyfish.

“There were jellfish like you think they look like – large, circular, translucent and gelatinous,” he continued.

The only other time that Dergerian was witness to such an event was around seven years ago on Ocean Beach which involved by-the-wind sailor jellyfish, more commonly known as Valella jellyfish.

‘They kind of look like a windsurfer,’ Durgerian commented..

Durgerian has commented that he can not explain just why the jellyfish beached over the weekend, but said that a park service biologist would be looking over some specimens.

He also mentioned that there is no planned cleanup for the jellyfish, as high tide will just sweep them back out to sea.