Another lake monster sighting. This time in West Hartford, Connecticut. The pictures that are supposedly depicting a lake monster were taken in a water reservoir last Friday. The photos were taken by Barbara Blanchfield who claims that she witnessed the sea monster in her pictures surface and then submerge again while out photographing. The Metropolitan District Commission was shown the pictures and it is now working with their wildlife and patrol department to determine what (if any) is in the water.

People who have seen the pictures say that it don’t look like any known animal from the area. My personal opinion after having looked at the pictures is that it looks like a part of an old wooden, stockade like construction of the type that often used to be constructed around channels and ponds to prevent land erosion at the water edge. That also seems like a plausible explanation based on the fact that the sighting took place in a water reservoir which hardly seems like the most likely place to find an undiscovered Sea monster. But I might be wrong and no one would be happier than me if I was proven wrong and the pictures actually depict a new species.

Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think. Am I right or do we have a new (or perhaps a known) species on our hands.

So what do you think about the movie:

Not long ago we also reported on this video of a sea monster filmed with U/W cameras in Sweden.