seagull bearcan Seagulls Found with Beer Cans Around Their Necks: $2,000 Bounty Issued!

Don Battle / WildRescue

Now this is just plain odd, cruel, and inhumane… A wildlife group has been made aware of a strange and brutal incident going on in the San Francisco Bay Area.. Someone has been going around and putting cut beer cans around the necks of seagulls!

They have stepped up, and said the person, or persons, responsible must be caught, and have even thrown in a $2,000 bounty.. Though they have not released if it was a “Dead or Alive” bounty…

It was reported by the WildRescue of Monterey, California that two such birds have been seen wandering around Half Moon Bay, Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz Island.

The group has pleaded that the public be on the lookout for more of the poor creatures:

“Instead of attempting to capture the birds, which can make them more wary and harder to catch, sightings should be reported immediately to a dedicated paging service 831-429-2323 or emailed to,” the group put out.

WildRescue has commented that it has also alerted the U.S> Fish and Wildlife Service.

“This is a federal crime punishable by severe fines, imprisonment, or both,” explained WildRescue’s spokeswoman, Rebecca Dmytryk.

The $2,000 reward, it is hoped, will help to give some added incentive for finding the people responsible.

“I feel pretty confident that if word gets around, we’ll be able to find the birds and help them,” Dmytryk commented.

So there you have it.. Whoever you are, your “beer can collar” days are coming to an end…