Albino Seal Albino Seal Discovered, Interned at Hospital in Netherlands

Albino Seal

Now here’s something you don’t hear about everyday. An almost impossible to find albino seal has just been given admittance to the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Center Lenie’ t Hart (SRRC) in Holland following coming down with a rather nasty infection in its lungs. The SRRC is a veterinary hospital in the Netherlands, which takes in, treats, and then releases seals back into the wild after having befallen some illness or injury. In some cases they also euthanize the poor animals if they cannot be helped any other way.

The SRRC has reportedly taken in and helped 6 albino seals over the past four decades, and does everything in their power to save them.
The last albino seal to make an appearance on the scene at the SRRC was a decade ago. Which makes this little guy all the more important.

The SRRC is not only a seal treatment center, but it also acts as an educational venue for tourists from all around the globe. Seals are not specifically bred or trained for human entertainment at the center, helping them out costs money after all, and the tourist dollars go to a good cause. The seals are let go once they are fit enough to make it on their own. There are roughly 200 animals which make their way to the center on a yearly basis.

This particular albino seal will be put into quarantine and then treated at the center for the next little while. After it is well enough, it will be taken back to the North Sea, where it belongs.