bluefin tuna Bluefin Populations Change In Cloudy Waters
A very interesting report has made its way to me from a meeting taking place in Madrid which is taking a gander at tuna populations and catches.

The question at the focal point of this report is: Can the Mediterranean bluefin industry ever be properly monitored?

The bluefin have become ever so popular as of late, and it’s causing quite a stir as people try to figure out the ecological, commercial and even political ramifications.

The meeting will begin with bringing together certain key members of the Standing Committee on Research and Statistics (SCRS). This group acts as an adviser to the representatives from the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (Iccat).

Anyone who is well briefed on the subject of Tuna knows that the Atlantic bluefin is facing some very serious problems, as its population has been declining quite rapidly, due to the increased illegal fishing operations being run in the Mediterranean.

The major players which are causing this sudden decline in the wild stocks of bluefin are purse sein boats, which utilize huge nets to circle around the bluefin and scoop them up when they are at their most vulnerable – as they spawn.

Many of these fish are then whisked away to ranches and farms where they are kept in captivity in horrendously cramped quarters, until they are big enough to sell on the market.

This is a huge issue, hence the emergency meetings being called. Nobody has an exact figure, or an exact plan, but they are working round the clock to help save the bluefin from extinction, which is a big possibility if things don’t turn themselves around.