The smallest fish in Europe, the Guillet’s goby, was recently discovered in the waters of Scotland for the very first time.

Curious divers happened to snap photos of the tiny bloke while they were conducting surveys of the aquatic life to be found around the Shetland Islands.

Before this, Guillet’s goby has onl been spotted in the waters of Britain three times, but it was never spotted in Scotland before now.

This discovery, which was published in the journal Marine Biodiversity Records, us the furthest north that the fish has been found, and has extended it’s known range by a good 140 miles.

The reason this discovery is so momentous is that the Shetland Islands are famous for their larger fish, tourists flock there to whale and dolphin watch.

However, Dr Richard Shucksmith and Rachel Hope, independent marine biologists were in the midst of making a documentary on the smaller species that make their home in the islands, when they stumbled upon this tiny specimen.

They snapped many pictures of the Guillet’s gobies, known in scientific circles as Lebetus guilleti, at Lunna Kirk during their different dives this past summer.

“It never crossed our minds that we would find such a rare fish or that it would be Europe’s smallest marine fish,” Dr Shucksmith explained.

“When Rachel spotted the goby she knew it was something different so made sure she got some pictures so we could identify it when we got home,” he continued.