Shark fins Sharks of the Bahamas Facing Imminent Danger,

Shark fins

Are sharks going to be able to make it through the 21st century?

This is the question which shark enthusiasts and conservationists the world over are contemplating. Shark populations are declining, and the inhumane practice of “finning” sharks appears to be at an all time high, despite efforts to stop the vile practice. Scientists say that if the sharks disappear, it will have drastic effects on the health of our oceans.

Wolfgang Leander, an avid shark conservationist, is imploring the officials of the Bahamas to put a ban on all shark fishing in the Bahamas, which currently is home to one of the worlds’ most large and diverse shark populations in the world.

The shark enthusiasts and conservationists around the globe want to keep it that way.

Shark enthusiasts and conservationists do have cause for concern. It was recently reported that Sunco, a fishing outfit hailing from Andros, is considering expanding its scope, and selling off shark fins to the Japanese.

This news was not taken lightly, and shark enthusiasts and conservationists, among them Mr. Leander, have made cries that the sharks of the Bahamian waters must be protected.

As of right now, there is no specific law governing the fishing of sharks in the Bahamas, however there is a ban in place which should make it more difficult, as it dictates that the use of long line or gill net fishing is strictly prohibited.

What will befall our sharks? Only time will tell..