Well, this guy just doesn’t sleep does he? David Mullins, super kiwi, has beaten yet another world record. However, even he has conceded that a third record today may just be pushing the envelope a bit too far.

Mr. Mullins swam 218 meters beneath the waves, without the assistance of fins, at the Porirua Aquatic Center yesterday to break the shared record of 213 meters he had with Tom Sietas of Germany.

He was a tad short of his personal best of 232 meters, which happens to be a record in New Zealand, but it has yet to be officially recognized by the international judges of such things.

The stress of his swim of 265 meters, performed with fins, left Mullins a bit short on energy, but it did nothing for his determination to keep blowing records out of the water left right and center.

“I was pretty shattered [on Sunday] and I was coming right [yesterday] but I still wasn’t 100 per cent,” he said. “You only really know that halfway into the swim. I wasn’t feeling fantastic, but good enough.” Mullins commented.

He could literally feel his muscles giving in to fatigue earlier than usual, and he also felt light-headed early on, and this told him things just weren’t quite kosher. He didn’t want the record to be quashed by passing out while swimming, so he surfaced instead.

So he didn’t do the full 232 meters, 218 is still good enough in our book. One has to ask, what will Mullins do next?