David Mullins, freediving enthusiast from New Zealand, has just broken yet another world record.

He has managed to break the “dynamic apnea, without fins” record after diving to a depth of 218 meters beneath the waves, all without taking a single breath in Porirua at the Porirua Aquatic Center.

This isn’t the only record which Mr. Mullins has broken. In conjunction with Tom Sietas, who hails from Germany, they held the previous best mark at 213 meters beneath the tranquil waters. It is interesting to note that the unofficial personal best, which he has accomplished by yet to be acknowledged, and the New Zealand record is 232 meters beneath the waves.

This past Saturday, the New Zealander really stuck it to Frenchman Fred Sessa, after breaking his record for the “dynamic apnea, with fins” category, swimming a cool 265 meters under the water without taking air at the Naene Olympic Pool.

He decided that he would put the shorter 25 meter long pool in Poriura, utilizing the extra turns to push off more and harder, without fins.

“I didn’t swim to my potential, I was a bit tired today after Saturday’s effort but I’m glad to have achieved what we set out to do,” a proud Mullins told NZPA.

“I probably could have pushed it a bit more today but if I had tried to kick on and things had gone bad, I could have been disqualified and I would have kicked myself. I’m happy to have just broken the record.”

And by all counts we think he will someday break all records, way to go David!