metro Metro Markets to Stop the Sale of Fish Which are Endangered:

Metro store

The famous operator of supermarkets, Metro Inc., has united with other big name food, retailers such as Loblaws and Walmart, to help adopt a sustainable fisheries policy, whereby it will stop selling those species of fish which are deemed to be at risk, or endangered.

“Starting today, Metro will temporarily withdraw seven threatened species,” the Quebec-based chain commented in a statement released this past Thursday.

The different kinds of fish set to be removed from the shelves include: Atlantic cod, bluefin tuna, orange roughy, Chilean seabass, New Zealand hoki, skate and shark.

“These species will be substituted with other products and might be reintroduced in the future if scientific reports indicate that their stocks have climbed back up to acceptable levels,” Metro explained.

Metro is instituting this new policy slowly, so as to not completely shock their consumers. They expect to have the policy in full swing in stores across Ontario and Quebec by the end of June 2011.

This policy means that Metro will only be offering fresh and frozen, wild and farmed seafood products which are not on the endangered list, and come from fisheries which are sustainable. It also means that all their suppliers will need to sign a code of conduct, and agree to abide by the new policy when selling products for resale.

“To facilitate the traceability of its seafood products, Metro has developed a new, more transparent labelling system to help consumers make informed choices,” it added.

It’s nice to see big businesses willing to put a bit of pressure on the fisheries to look after the health of our worlds’ oceans. Hopefully this will spur other large organizations to do the same, and the sea will be a happier place.