Shark fins Article on “Shark Finning” Causes Angry Outbursts From Conservationists

Shark fins

Both local and international conservations groups and organizations are banding together to help protect sharks which call the Bahamian waters home, after an article published in Tribune exposed the potential for shark finning practices in Andros.

James Mackey, Chief Executive Officer of Sunco Wholesale Seafood Limited, told the Tribune that the company was thinking of expanding their operation of sea cucumber export in Mastic Point, North Andros, to encompass the exportation of shark fins to eager clients in Hong Kong.

Well, that was obviously a BIG mistake.. The comments he made, and subsequently were published, really created an uproar from different groups and conservationists not only from the Bahamas, but from round the globe. This comes in response to shark populations declining up to 80% around the world, due to the $200 per kilogram delicacy being fished out of our worlds’ oceans.

Interestingly enough, and what caused most of the ruckus, is that the Bahamas is home to the most biologically diverse and pristine shark populations which the Atlantic has to offer. This is due to the fact that the commercial fishers have never really taken an interest in them, that is until now.

However, the outcry comes from the fact that the Bahamas National Trust, in conjunction with the Pew Environment Group which is in the midst of launching a campaign that would hopefully make the fishing and finning of sharks illegal.