The Cove1 Dolphins led to Japanese Cove, None Slaughtered

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Japanese fishermen led a swarm of dolphins into “the Cove”, a cove which made quite a stir when released in an Oscar-winning documentary, however these Japanese fishermen did not finish the job, and no dolphins were slaughtered.

An inside source in the seaside village of Taiji, which was shown in “The Cove”, has commented that a select few of the dolphins herded were kept to be sold to aquariums, however the majority were set free Friday in the morning. No further details were volunteered.

The decision to let the majority of the dolphin go free is a far cry from the past practice of killing them all.

Sea Shepherd, the conservationist group, has been keeping close tabs on Taiji, with a tiny crew of activists this past week, and has been urging people to aid in the cause of saving the dolphins.

Dolphins swim in large groups, known as pods, in the ocean. The fishermen of Taiji round them up, by making noises which scare them, and lead them to the cove. They then go about selecting the best for sale, and promptly dispense with the rest, stabbing them repeatedly, until the waters run red with blood.

Hopefully this new practice of letting the rest go will catch on, and mother earth will no longer need to shed tears for her lost dolphin children. If the slaughters continue, who knows what will become of the poor dolphins, and the innocents of Taiji.