steve Angler Breaks World Record for Fishing: 1,000 Different Species Caught!

Steve Wozniak

Well it certainly seems to be a time for breaking records. An angler has just become the first person in the world to break the ultimate fishing record, by reeling in an astounding 1,000 different species of fish.

Steve Wozniak, a native Californian 47 years of age, has spent a decade on his quest for mastering the creatures of the sea, and he has made his rounds in over 63 different countries to accomplish his goal. He has spent an astonishing 20,000 hours fishing on piers, beaches, riverbanks and boats just waiting for a fish to take the line. He has caught everything from a small minnow to a giant 900 pound beast of a shark.

Steve has shelled out an amazing amount of money, more than 50,000 Great Brish Pounds and has stored up somewhere in the neighborhood of one million air miles by traipsing around the world, his rod and his tackle box his only companion for 10 years.

Steve has made his rounds on every continent minus Antarctica, including such places as the exotic Isle of Wight and the far reaches of Cambodia.

He has managed to capture just about every freshwater fish which calls Britain home and has spent 2 years and 4,000 Great British Pounds trying to land himself an Atlantic salmon from Scotland.

What can we say? The man loves his fishing. In a week full of broken records, we’d like to welcome Steve to the ranks of the Big Fish.