Alfaro huberi

Alfaro huberi

Alfaro huberi is a livebearer from the family Poeciliidae. The species name – huberi – was given in honor of Dr. Huber. The genus derives its name from zoologist Dr. Anastasio Alfaro of the National Museum in Costa Rica. Alfaro huberi has however not been found in Costa Rica; as far as science knows it only inhabits the part of Central America that stretches from southern Guatemala to Nicaragua. Alfaro huberi was first described by Fowler in 1923 and placed in the genus Priapichthys. Hubbs would later move the species to the genus Furcipenis, before Bailey placed it in the genus Alfaro in 1963.

Female Alfaro huberi fishes can reach a length of 7 cm (almost 3 inches), while males normally stay smaller than 5 cm (almost 2 inches). As mentioned above Alfaro huberi is a Central America species found in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. You can find this livebearer in clear streams along the eastern coast. The pH range in this environment is 8.0 and the dH range 5. The water temperature normally stays between 24 and 28°C.

Alfaro huberi appreciates a densely planted aquarium. Alfaro huberi is a somewhat shy fish, and keeping it in a barren aquarium will make it even shyer. Keeping the aquarium well planted is therefore important. The aquarium has to have a secure lid, because Alfaro huberi is a skilled jumper. Alfaro huberi eats all kinds of food, from flake food to freeze-dried products and live food. Daphnia will be highly appreciated.

Raising Alfaro huberi
It can take some time before a male Alfaro huberi develops male characteristics, but eventually you will be able to tell the sexes apart by looking for a gonopodium. Once a couple has started to spawn, you can expect them to spawn every 5 weeks or so. The fry can be fed crushed flake food and microworms. Since they are somewhat bigger than Guppy fry, newly hatched brine shrimp can also work. Keep the water quality high to ensure rapid growth. It is better to feed several times per day instead of just once or twice.

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