Breeding Killifish
Breeding Killifish

Breeding Killifish

By: The red severum

Well I have been breeding killie for a little while now. I have met all of the top killie breeders in the USA and have been going to shows and showing my Killies. I will show you the basic setup for killie breeding. If you have any questions be free to ask.

These are some of my boxes that i bought from walmart for 2 bucks each. This is the first thing you need on breeding killies.

This is my basic setup on breeding killies, those are yarn mops that I make myself. There is no java moss in there just mops.

This is just a basic killie mop. If people want me to do a DIY yarn mop thread, then be free to ask how. (Available here) These hold the killie eggs and provide shelter for the female.


Now this is the basic stuff I use to maintain the killies home. You see water conditioner for the 50% every other day WC. I use the turkey baster to take out water and poop. I use the measuring cup for the live brine i feed them and also for taking out water

Now for the egg collecting and breeding. I feed them live brine which triggers them into breeding for me. They are egg layers and and females love to breed in there. Here is shown how i removed a mop from the container and searched for eggs. Sometime you could 2 -15 eggs in a mop everyday. Here is one egg from A. Striatum Lambarene.

Once I picked the egg from the mop, I then place into another container filled with Methane Blue. As shown below I already had it made and there is about 12 eggs in there now.

I then place the eggs into there any wait for them to become babies and remove to a separate container and feed live baby brine.
Have any questions, Feel free to send a PM and ask.