Common name
Electric Catfish
Fish name
Malapterurus electricus
Maximum size (min-max)
To 39" (100 cm) in nature, although usually not larger than 12" (30 cm).
PH of water
7-7.8 (7.0),
Water hardness (dGH)
5-20 dH (10)
Recommended temperature
73-86°F (23-30°C)
Temperament to its family
territorial of its cave
Temperament to other fish species
aggressive to smaller
Place in the aquarium
Bottom levels
FOOD : Live; fish, crustaceans, worms, insect larvae ; chopped meat.
The way of breeding
This species is a cave spawner.
Has not be accomplished in aquaria.
Short description
A predatory species that should be kept singly. Other tank mates may be "shocked." This is a nocturnal species.

This species is equipped with electrical organs in the cutaneous layer of the skin. The fish insulates itself against shock by a thick fatty layer. The head is thenegative pole, while the tail is the positive pole. This species will grow accustomed to their keeper and may take food from oneÍs hand.
DC : 7. This hardy species requires live foods. The Electric Catfish should be kept alone. Take care when preforming maintenance.

Widespread throughout tropical Africa; Zaire, Niger, Volta, and Nile Rivers.