This zebra danio was in my 55-gal with seven more danios. Two of the other danios chased her every day to the point where she got smaller, weaker, and eventually stayed at the bottom of the tank, even when one of her tankmate danios tried giving her a nudge with his nose. All the other danios had grown to about tripple her size even though they started out pretty much the same.

I took her out of that tank and put her in a 10 gal quarantine tank (shown in this photo). She eats well and has gotton bigger, but she seems to waddle when she swims as though her stomach is too big to carry around. I don't know what to do. Her stomach is getting bigger, too.

Had tried to put her back into the big tank and two of the danios were right on her, never leaving her alone. She just tried to hide in a wooden cave and would not play the chase game this time.

Thanks in advance for any insight.