In the "porthole", really a 2X magnifier, going clockwise is the back end of Eric (the half-a-bee, because of his colouring). He's a German Yellow Tuxedo guppy.

To his right is Sooty, a Tuxedo guppy. You can't make out his back half, he's so dark. It looks like he was dipped in soot, he's so black, hence the name.

Below him is Rojo, a Red Cobra guppy. He is very active and energetic, I just wish his tail was bigger! He's one of those bullet-shaped guppies that's not only shaped like a bullet, he moves around like one! :-)

To the left of Rojo is Oberon. He was so silvery he was named after a celestial object, Oberon is a moon of Uranus. Unfortunately he died suddenly and mysteriously a few weeks ago. I was never able to identify his variety.

To the left of the porthole you see the back half of Tequila Mockingbird, a Tequila Sunrise guppy that's grown quite large.