Royal Pleco, L190 – Panaque nigrolineatus
Royal Pleco, L190 – Panaque nigrolineatus

Royal Pleco, L190 – Panaque nigrolineatus

Species name: Panaque nigrolineatus

Common name: Royal Pleco, L190

Family: Loricariidae

Order: Siluriformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Maximum size: 16 inches

Coloration: Not to colorful but usually a dull black or darker brown with whith or cream line running throughout from head to tail

Environment: Freshwater

Origin: South America, mostly along the Amazon Basins

Temperament: Mild. Can become territorial

Company: Easily kept with smaller fish that are non aggressive. Catfish of same size are not the best idea as the royal pleco will become aggressive and territorial. Once feeding and sze is establish they can be grouped with larger fish that are less aggressive.

Water parameters: pH 6.5-7.5, medium hard water and temperature of 72-84F

Aquarium setup: Driftwood should be a main part of the aquarium as well as caves for the pleco to hide during the day. They are known to uproot plants at will so heavily planted tanks may be avoided.

Feeding: Common algae diet and vegetables. Driftwood and algae wafers will consist of most of diet. They are nocturnal so night feeding is recommended. Peas, spinach, and wafers are most commonly fed.

Breeding: Very little to almost nothing documented on the breeding of royal plecos. Most are wild caught. Extremely hard to breed but some have achieved this great accomplishment. They are egglayers.

l190 royal pleco
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