Firehead Cichlid – Paratheraps synspilum
Firehead Cichlid  – Paratheraps synspilum

Firehead Cichlid – Paratheraps synspilum

Species name: Paratheraps synspilum

Common name: Firehead Cichlid, Redhead Cichlid, Synspilum

Family: Cichlidae

Order: Perciformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Maximum size: 14 inches

Coloration: Generally mixed colored body including red, grey, prple, yellow and sometimes yellowish-green. Black spots or patchs genrally near tail and belly area. Colors become more bold with age.

Environment: Freshwater lakes, slow to no movement

Origin: Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico

Temperament: Aggressive and territorial

Company: Same sized cichlids with similar aggression. Green Terrors, Oscars, Midas, Flowerhorn, Texas Cichlid

Water parameters: pH 7.0 – 8.2 , medium to hard water and temperature 72-80 F

Aquarium setup: A lot of hiding places and caves. Al least a 75 gallon for one, 125 gallon for two or mixed species.

Feeding: Carnivorious; Sinking or floating pellets, crickets, bloodworms, krill, tubifex worms, nightcrawlers, beefheart

Breeding: Relatively hard to pair but once paired they are very territorial in an aquarium. Any other fish will be bullied sometimes to their death. Young pairs will generally eat their young while brooding but will easily spawn again.