Ten-Spotted Livebearer
Ten-Spotted Livebearer - Cnesterodon decemmaculatus

Ten-Spotted Livebearer - Cnesterodon decemmaculatus

By: Troy

Species Name: Cnesterodon decemmaculatus

Common Name: Ten-Spotted Livebearer

Family: Poeciliidae

Order: Cyprinodontiformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Maximum Size: 1.5 inches

Environment: freshwater, brackish

Origin: Rio de Plata system, Uruguay, Paraguay, and southern Brazil

Temperament: peaceful

Company: peaceful fish

Water Parameters: 7-8 pH, 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Aquarium Setup: planted

Feeding: flake, live, and algae

Breeding: females give to around 10-20 young every 4-6 weeks. The fry need a thick growth of plants to protect them from their parents and other fish.