English Labrador Retriever

English Labrador Retriever

Golden Labrador puppy

The English Labrador retrievers, commonly known as the British Labradors, by comparison to the American Labrador retrievers are much smaller. On average the English Labradors weigh from 60 to 85 pounds and the males weigh from 71 to 85 pounds. This can be compared to the American Labradors which can weigh over 100 pounds. For some dog owners the bigger the better, but for majority of Labrador lovers the smaller breed is the preferred choice. English Labrador retrievers are today kept by a lot of Labrador aficionados all over the world.

Physical information regarding the English or British Labrador retrievers:
-          Weighs on average between 60 – 95 pounds
-          Stocky, thick and shorter legs 
-          Wide muzzle and broad block head
-          Broad body but shorter with so called “otter tail”
-          Hip dysplasy is a much rarer condition in the English/British Labrador compared to the American Labrador, but thorough breeding stock screening before actual breeding is still highly recommended.

The English Labrador retrievers are highly trainable and possess a kind character. They are easily trained by their owners and professional trainers are rarely required for this breed if you only want to teach your dog basic obedience training. Electric collars are rarely used when the English Labrador retrievers are being trained.

The English Labrador retriever was bred primarily to participate in hunting, and later to compete in field trials. This has created a dog that can be fundamentally still and quiet while still remaining tense and alert. The American counterpart was bred to become very strong, aggressive and big in the field and it is more common to use electric collars when training the brawny American Labrador retriever. The English Labrador retrievers are more silent than their American cousins and less likely to bark profusely.

Over all as described by the UK Kennel Club, the English Labrador displays agile and good tempered character traits combined with excellent sense of smell and beautiful physical features such as its soft mouth and nose. This dog is known for its keen zest and love of water, adaptability to any kind of environment, intelligence, and biddableness. It loves to please its owner and become a devoted friend and companion. A vast majority of the English Labrador retrievers display no signs of aggression or shyness and they are fond of showing their talents to human beings.

The English Labrador retrievers is a popular breed of dog and an excellent choice for a prospective dog owner who wants a devoted companion that is easy to train and non-aggressive. Your must however take into account that the English Labrador retriever becomes fairly big. It is smaller than the American Labrador retriever, but this doesn’t mean that it is a lap dog. The English Labrador retriever needs a fair amount of daily exercise to do well and it loves to be given tasks where it gets to show off its intelligence and amiability. Like any other retriever, tasks that involves fetching something and gently bringing it to the owner is especially well likes since this type of work is a natural instinct for the retrievers.