English Labrador Retrievers

English Labrador Retrievers

Labrador puppy

English Labrador retrievers are devoted and adaptable companions that possess an amiable temperament. They are agile, lows to play and fetch things, and have soft mouths. They are also found of water and love to retrieve things from water. In addition to this, the English Labrador retriever is equipped with a keen sense of smell and is a very intelligent dog. Its willingness to please makes it easy to train and this is certainly not an aggressive dog. It is not shy and this breed is an excellent companion for adults and children alike. These are just some of the many underlying good qualities that an English Labrador retriever has. This is one of the most popular choices of dog breed to own in the world and for good reasons.

The English Labrador retrievers in general are heavier with a much thicker tail and coat in the body, while the body is slightly shorter than the body of an American Labrador retriever. The head of the English Labrador retrievers is broader and with a much more powerful neck, while the American Labrador version has a narrower and lighter head with a longer muzzle.

An English Labrador retriever maintains a well balanced temperament that makes this dog highly adaptable to a wide array of activities and at the same time makes it an excellent house pet. English Labrador retrievers are not particular with regards to their own territory, a trait that makes them easily accessible to children as well. This breed is not aggressive or hypersensitive. Destructive behaviors normally only occur if the dog is left alone too much or receives too little physical and mental stimulation.

English Labrador retrievers love to retrieve things and play with other dogs and humans alike. Just like the other retrievers, the English Labrador retriever can become depressed if it is not given the opportunity to run around with objects in its mouth. You should therefore give your English Labrador retriever plenty of toys, e.g. balls and sticks, which it is allowed to carry around. When not provided with enough allowed objects, the frustrated English Labrador retriever can start carrying around prohibited objects such as socks and shoes.

English Labrador retrievers are widely renowned for having a soft feel in their mouth and mostly they excel in a retrieving sensitive game such as waterfowl. Just make sure to keep harmful objects away from them as the English Labrador retrievers are known to chew objects when not retrieving.

The English Labrador retriever is a mellow kind of dog breed, a trait that has made it a highly appreciated family dog. This breed has a rich history of good socializing skills with other animals and children.

The English Labrador retriever displays a fun loving quality and a lack of fear that may sometimes result in cases of mild mischief, training them will solve this little problem. By the time the English Labrador retrievers reach the age of three they will reach maturity and is at the same time ripe for advanced training and development of other skills. Basic obedience training should however start much earlier.

All things said, the English Labrador retriever is great breed of dog for anyone who wants a loyal companion that can be easily trained and adjusted to virtually any type of household as long as it is a household where the dog gets to spend a lot of time with its owners. Lab