Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Chocolate Labrador Retrievers

Golden Labrador puppy

Labrador Retrievers have three acceptable coat colors according to the breeding standard: black, yellow and chocolate. Black is the most common and chocolate is said to be the rarest coat among the three. Chocolate Labrador Retrievers have luscious brown coats that chocoholics would surely appreciate and love. However, this type of Labrador retriever is not commonly mentioned in the old documents because they were not registered during the early days of the breed. When traced through other forms of historical records it is however clear that the Chocolate Labrador Retrievers already existed by the late 1800’s.

When breeding Labrador Retrievers, it is important to keep in mind that Black Labrador Retrievers and Yellow Labrador Retrievers both hold a chocolate gene and are capable of producing Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. Black Labs paired with Black Labs can still generate Choc Labs as long as both of those adult dogs carry the “chocolate gene”. The same goes for the Yellow Labrador retrievers.

Some Black and Yellow Labrador fanatic claims that Chocolate Labrador Retrievers are not as smart as the other two breeds of Labrador but this is not true. A Chocolate Labrador Retriever from a responsible breeder is clever, smart, energetic and playful. They have a very good disposition and a very affection pet. The reason why the Chocolate Labrador Retriever has gained a bad reputation can be found in history. During the 1970s, the Chocolate Labrador Retriever became immensely popular and unscrupulous breeders started to produce as many Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies as possible without caring about intelligence, temperament and similar factors. Many breeders also crossed Labrador Retrievers with virtually any similar type of dog as long as it had a chocolate colored coat. You can avoid getting a low-quality Chocolate Labrador Retriever by purchasing from a reputable and knowledgeable breeder with an excellent track record. This might be a bit more expensive, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

In case a person wants to have a Chocolate Labrador Retriever as a pet,  it is advisable to give the dog plenty of space to move around. This breed is full of energy and they need to release it everyday by playing and walking with human owners as their form of exercise. These yummy-looking Labrador Retrievers are so adorable and very trainable. The solid shade of brown varies from light to dark, just like chocolate.

The Chocolate Labrador Retrievers have a strong body built with everything in proportion. Healthy male Choc Labs should stand not less than 22 ½ inches tall up to 24 ½ inches. Their weight should be 65 to 80 pounds. Different standard, however, is set for female Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. The height of female adult dogs must range from 21 ½ up to 23 ½ inches. The weight must not be less than 55 pounds and can extend up to 70 pounds. Due to the multiple genes inherited by Labrador Retrievers, Choc Labs are prone to pigmentation which occurs at different parts of the dog’s body. The pigmentations are usually seen at feet, gums, lips and nose of the Choc Lab.

Although most of the Chocolate Labrador Retrievers have healthy bodies, the breed is still prone to some hereditary disorders. The most common inherited disease is dysplasia, especially in big Labrador Retrievers. Eye problems are also more likely to be experienced by Labrador Retrievers compared to many other breeds, specifically cataracts and eye dysplasia, as they age.

Here’s a little interesting trivia about Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Because of its popularity, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever was a guest on The Andy Milonakis Show while Andy was doing his street rap. As you can see, the Chocolate Labrador Retriever is truly a versatile dog.