British Labrador Retriever

British Labrador Retriever

Golden Labrador puppy

The British Labrador retriever – also known as the English Labrador retriever – is smaller than the American Labrador retriever. The British Labrador retrievers weighs from anywhere between 60 to 85 pounds and the male ranges from 71 to 85 pounds. This can be compared to the American Labradors which can weigh over 100 pounds. For some dog owners the bigger the better, but for others the smaller breed is the more convenient choice. It therefore comes as no surprise that the British Labrador retrievers are highly popular all over the world.

Physical information regarding the English or British Labrador retrievers:
-          Weighs on average between 60 – 85 pounds
-          With stocky and thick but shorter legs, wide muzzle and broad block head
-          Broad body but shorter with so called “otter tail”
-          Eyes are pure breeding stock and OFA certified
-          Hips are found to be dysplastic is a much rarer condition in this breed compared to American Labradors. Thorough breeding stock screening before actual breeding is still highly recommended.

The British Labrador retrievers are highly trainable and possess a kind character. They are highly adaptable to be trained by their owners and most of the time do not require or professional trainers. Electric collars are not required for use when British Labrador retrievers are being trained. This breed can of course of mischievous just like any other dog, but it truly loves to work together with its owner and will do its very best to understand and carry out commands. As long as you are clear and consequent while training your British Labrador retriever, it will soon understand what is expected from it.

Psychical exercise is not enough for this intelligent dog; it needs mental stimulation as well. It is therefore a very good idea to teach your British Labrador retriever to carry out various tasks around the house, such as picking up items and brining hem to you on command. The British Labrador retriever was bred to be a working dog and it loves to feel useful.

Over all as described by the UK Kennel Club, the British Labrador is very agile and good tempered. It is also equipped with an excellent sense of smell and beautiful physical features such as it’s soft mouth and nose. This dog is renowned for its keen zest and love of water. It is also a devoted friend and companion, adaptable to any kinds of environment, intelligent, biddable and keen with a great will to please its owners. Most of all, the British Labrador retrievers display no signs of aggression or shyness and they are fond of showing their talents to humans.

The British Labrador retriever is a great breed of dog that fits almost everyone’s standards for a great animal companion, as long as you are willing and able to provide it with sufficient amounts of physical and mental exercise. You should also keep in mind that since this dog grows so attached to its human keepers it can develop destructive habits if left alone too much.