Golden Retriever Shelter

Golden Retriever Shelter

Undoubtedly, the Golden Retriever occupies an impressive ranking among the various dog breeds preferred by existing as well as prospective dog owners. Its popularity, however, and its status of being a top choice have caused considerable problems for this hairy, golden creature. As a serious consequence of those people that readily acquire a Golden Retriever without making actual preparations to their homes as well as to their busy lifestyles, this dog may find itself deserted or given up by its master. The irresponsible and callous manners in which the previous owners abandon their pets have given rise to the creation of animal shelters and rescue centers that particularly specializes in this dog breed.

An animal shelter is an organization that provides refuge for homeless domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and other similar pets of whatever breed and type. A rescue center caters to animals belonging to certain breed types. To illustrate the difference, there are Golden Retriever Rescue organizations or Labrador Retriever Rescue groups that accept only the stated retriever dog types. The terms “Golden Retriever Rescue” and “Golden Retriever Shelter” are synonymous since the main purposes of these  associations are similar, which is to provide a better home to previously abandoned and/or neglected Golden Retrievers. The sources of funding for these outfits are mostly generated through contribution and fund raising projects with the operation performed through volunteerism.

The appeal of owning a Golden Retriever can be credited to its behavior towards humans. A puppy can exhibit an exuberance behavior that should be filled with play time, exercise and running. As your pet expands in height, so does the space it occupies and a mature Golden Retriever can grow quite huge and therefore requiring more room for its daily activities. The health condition of your dog ought to be closely monitored hence you need to allocate a portion of your budget for the necessary vaccine shots and check-ups that must be carried out by a veterinarian. For some dog owners, these tasks can prove to be too much despite their professed adoration for their pets. This situation then leads to separation and the road to shelters or rescue centers for the poor animal.

Communication and coordination are essential in the functional aspects between an animal shelter and a rescue center. Since the former can accept any stray animal to its haven, a Golden Retriever that has been brought in can be transferred immediately to the latter so that the specific needs of the animal can be readily addressed and fulfilled. A rescue center is capable of extending help to those Golden Retrievers suffering from health conditions that require special attention. The importance of running a Golden Retriever shelter or rescue center cannot be stressed enough. It is an instrument of hope for those “Goldies” that are in dire need of a good home and a loving master.

It is a crucial that a Golden Retriever is transported to an association dedicated to nurturing this dog breed to avoid the possibility of euthanasia. Many animal shelters do not have enough capacity to accommodate all the forsaken pets in their area and mercy killing is oftentimes resorted to.