How to train a Golden Retriever

How to train a Golden Retriever


Training a Golden Retriever is not very difficult since this is such an amiable breed that loves to work together with its owner. Before you bring home a Golden Retriever, it is however a very good idea to do some reading about how to train a Golden Retriever since this knowledge can be very helpful once the dog has moved in.  

The Golden Retriever is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Therefore, training will not be that difficult although it can feel very difficult your first few attempts. You have a choice whether you want to be the one to train your dog or enroll it in an obedience school under the tutelage of an expert trainer. Whatever your decision may be, there are the corresponding advantages and disadvantages. You simply have to pick the one that will suit your needs – financially and otherwise.

There are numerous publications on how to train a Golden Retriever. These guidebooks can help you if you choose to train your pet on your own. Various testimonials from people who own Golden Retrievers would attest that this dog breed is easy to teach and very obedient to its master. You just have to be patient and at the same time loving when attempting to give instructions to your pet. You ought to be wary that some methods that are considered popular may not be applicable in the case of your dog. You must try to match your puppy’s behavior with the recommended training techniques. Puppies are normally active and playful and formulating a strategy like a reward system when teaching it is a good idea. Praise normally works much better than punishment when training the affable Golden Retriever and the training sessions will be much more pleasant and fun both of you.

The five basic commands that most trainers begin with when training Golden Retrievers are “sit”, “heel”, “fetch”, “lie” and “stay”. Start with one word at a time so that your dog will remember it.

House training, particularly with respect to the dog’s toilet habits, is crucial. Golden Retrievers are known for being sticklers for cleanliness, thus they would prefer not to soil the area where they ordinarily eat or sleep. Positive reinforcement is encouraged when you intend to train your dog since yelling and punishment can be detrimental to your relationship. Accidents will always happen because puppies do not develop full control over their bodily functions until they reach a certain age.

How to train a Golden Retriever not to chew on furniture and other things? The easiest method is to provide your dog with plenty of chew toys and make the dog understand that chewing on these toys is allowed. Training books offer useful tips and hints on how to divert your puppy’s attention to curb this behavior of chewing just about anything. Excessive chewing can also be a sign of boredom; you’re dog might need more physical and mental stimulation or spend less time alone.

In case you do not have the time to teach your Golden Retriever on your own or if you are encountering difficulties, you can opt to enlist your pet in an obedience or training facility. There are training centers that have programs designed exclusively to puppies and separate ones for adults. You should try to look for a reputable and trustworthy school that have experienced and accredited trainers that know a lot about how to train a Golden Retriever. You would not like to entrust your puppy or dog to strangers that does not have an excellent track records when it comes to dog training and dog care. As the owner, you need to get involved. The training must continue in the home as well.