English Golden Retriever

English Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Pup

Have you ever hear the saying that dogs are man’s best friend? These pets are indeed one of the most faithful companions a person could have. We often hear stories about dogs saving their masters from life threatening situation. A dog can be a good friend and a great helper also. As more people are becoming dog lovers, there are a number of breed of dogs that have been improved to fit every person’s lifestyle. One of these is the English Golden Retriever.

One of the most commonly kept dog breeds is the golden retriever. These dogs are very popular as family pet since they are very friendly and love to get a lot of play and attention. Golden retrievers are very good-natured, which is perfect for children. They love to play fetch. This certain breed of dogs is named as such for their love to retrieve things. Golden retrievers become extra happy if you throw the stick or ball on water, since they also love playing with water. Golden retrievers are considered fairly high-maintenance pets. Aside from a lot of play and attention, they must have regular veterinary check-ups, a good diet and regular exercise. Golden retrievers are not only good house pets; they can also be great guide dogs. Some search and rescue dogs are trained golden retrievers. They are very willing to learn things which make them easy to train.

Like many other breeds, the golden retriever exists in several varieties. One example is the English golden retriever. These dogs usually have a cream-colored coat. They are bigger boned and shorter compared with other golden retrievers. Their head is squarer also. They could come in gold and cream coat but cream colored ones are more common. The golden retriever’s coat is naturally waterproof and the coat of the English golden retriever is straight or moderately wavy.

Getting an English Golden retriever is not a good idea if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your dog. Not only that they seek a lot of attention from you, you must groom them often also. Golden retrievers must be groomed daily or at least once a week. They frequently shed and grooming them could lessen the amount of shedding. If your dog’s shedding causes bald patches, it means that your pet is stressed out or ill and needs a veterinary check up. These breed also needs a lot of exercise so taking them for long walks and playing with them will provide them with a suitable outlet for all that energy. Golden retrievers could reach up to 13 years if you know how to take good care of them.

Planning to breed golden retrievers is not easy and should only be considered by those willing to devote a lot of time, energy and effort into the project. Since the English Golden retriever is such a popular pet, a lot of people unfortunately breed them only to make a quick profit or because “puppies are cute”. Unskilled breeding increases the risk of hereditary disease and mental instability in dogs.

Usually golden retrievers are wild as puppies. They can chew on virtually everything and have a habit of retrieving everything they see. English Golden retriever puppies therefore they need some special attention, proper training and a lot of patience. But all your hard work will be rewarded in due time. A well cared for and properly exercised English Golden Retriever is a very loving pet and a helpful part of the family. Be a responsible owner and take good care of them. Learn the proper way of caring for them before you buy one.