Buy a Golden Retriever

Buy a Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Pup

Acquiring a pet dog requires more serious consideration than you might think. Choosing the right creature that matches your lifestyle and temperament is vital for a lasting relationship. It is therefore preferable that you come up with a checklist to list down the qualities and factors that you want in your pet.  This list should be your guide in comparing and eliminating possible candidates with respect to the available dog breeds.

Unforeseen mismatch in behavior and wrong expectations are just a few of the reasons why a lot of people who own Golden Retrievers eventually abandon their dogs; dogs which become strays on the streets or end up in shelters. Irresponsible owners’ neglect their pets when they realize that these animals are taking up too much time, space and cost.

Purpose: Companion or Guard Dog

Buy a Golden Retriever if you want a companion dog. This dog breed thrives on human attention. It can fit right in as a family dog as it is capable of interacting properly and lovingly with its masters, whether an adult or a child. Its gentle nature makes it a “perfect” pet. Its golden coat makes this dog truly huggable and you need not worry about bouts of possible aggression as it generally shows a well adjusted behavior. This is also the reason why Golden Retrievers are being utilized as guide dogs and assist during search and help operations. Golden retrievers blend in quite well and are most happy when dealing with people.

However, you cannot depend too much on the Golden Retriever as a guard dog. Barking is normal for any dog but in the aspect of defense, the Golden Retriever’s natural instincts to be friendly towards people hamper it from this kind of job.

Puppy or Dog

When purchasing a Golden Retriever, you can opt to have a puppy that you can train and grow old with through the years or pick an older dog that is already house-broken but may have had a prior master. Both options have their pros and cons which you have to weigh before making the critical decision.

Golden Retriever Maintenance Requirements

When you buy a Golden Retriever, it means that you agree to fulfill all the duties of a mature dog owner. This implies that you are willing to allocate the necessary time to groom, exercise and devote quality time with your pet every day. A Golden Retriever requires constant activities to keep it in shape and to satisfy its active energy level. It has been classified as a medium to high maintenance pet.

Breeder Choices

Golden Retrievers can be bought from breeders as well as from pet stores, but only one source is highly advised and this is the serious and devoted breeder. Purchasing from a pet store is not recommended since the origin of dogs sold in pet stores tends to be puppy mills where breeders are not in the least concerned about the conditions of the litters. The same thing can be said of backyard breeders whose primary concern is to generate profit from producing this popular dog breed. As a prospective dog owner, the previously discussed factors must be addressed first when you buy a Golden Retriever.