Breeding Golden Retrievers

Breeding Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Pup

If you are the type of breeder that takes your job seriously, then you understand that breeding any kind of animal is hard work. There are certainly no shortcuts or fast schemes that you can apply to get the work done as quickly as possible, especially if you are into breeding Golden Retrievers or “Goldies” for these are considered medium to high maintenance dogs. Your role is significant to ensure that only quality litters are produced. As a breeder, you have a huge responsibility not only to the dogs you care for but also to the eventual owners of these creatures. Your focus ought to be on the quality and not on the quantity of the puppies that you have. Your concern must be on the health and general wellbeing of the animal and you must also see to that they are bought or received by trustworthy individuals.

There are many reasons why people go into breeding Golden Retrievers. One of the noblest causes for breeding would be the love for these specific animals. A Golden Retriever makes for a good companion dog if you are single and living alone, or can blend right in to a large number of people if you have a family. This dog breed’s positive characteristics and abilities have likewise been utilized for other purposes such as taking part in search and rescue operations or acting as guide dogs for those who are physically disabled.

One of the functions of a breeder is to identify what particular work your Golden Retrievers are capable of doing. The next step would be to design a program to guarantee that your puppy will conform to the standards you have laid down. For the puppies, you should see to it that they are healthy and well mannered. They must receive the necessary vaccines that will protect them from the common diseases. Normally, upon exchange with the new owners, health clearances must be provided. This is to verify that the breeder has performed the corresponding medical tests to show that the puppy does not suffer from any disorder, hereditary or otherwise.

Your part in breeding Golden Retrievers does not stop when a sale is made. You need to inquire about the status of the puppy or dog you have placed in another home and extend after-sales breeder support. Most dog owners may not have a complete idea on what it takes to raise a Golden Retriever in terms of food, exercise, grooming, among others. As breeder, you are in a better position to give advices in cases where the owner is confused or doubtful on what actions to take.

Even if you are breeding Golden Retrievers for profit, you must not sacrifice the health of the litter for the sake of money. You still have the duty to make sure that you are not producing defective animals that later on may cause major problems to the owners. This is the primary reason why many interested buyers stay away from pet stores or casual breeders – the puppies or dogs’ health conditions may be overlooked by such breeders.