Baby Golden Retriever

Baby Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Pup

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds there is; probably thanks to the retriever’s playfulness and its friendly nature that makes it a perfect family dog. These dogs could also perform a lot of useful tasks. One example is how they can be used as guide dogs for the blind. They can also be used as search and rescue dogs and because of these reasons. Before you go ahead and get a baby golden retriever, there are however many things to consider. The Golden retriever is a big and active breed that needs plenty of mental and physical exercise. If you are not willing and able to provide your dog with this for the coming 10-12 years, you should refrain from getting a baby Golden Retriever.  

One of the major responsibilities of a golden retriever owner is that they must give their dog a regular vet check up. You must also give them proper exercise daily, and they need a daily grooming for they often shed their fur. This dog is highly active and loves to play around. The owner should also watch their pet’s diet. A baby golden retriever that is well cared for both when it is young and once it has reached maturity can be your companion for the coming 12 years or even longer.

The baby golden retriever needs the same basic things that an adult dog needs but with a little bit more patience on our part. A prospective owner must also consider the proper place to raise the puppy. Golden Retrievers are highly active both indoors and outdoors, so it will be best to have a medium yard for your pet to play in. Golden Retriever can however be happy in apartments as well as long as they are given plenty of walks and playtime.

When a baby golden retriever is about 2-3 months old it will be much wilder than an adult dog. It can chew on almost anything and retrieve everything it sees. Just make sure that your Golden retriever puppy won’t eat anything that might harm it like electric wires or sharp objects. Prepare your house before you bring home your puppy by removing dangerous objects and getting a lot of safe toys for your golden puppy to play with, retrieve and chew on. Baby golden retrievers will need your full attention. You have to make sure that they are healthy and you must play with them a lot because they are very active and curious compared to an adult dog. Grooming is also important for the golden puppies and it will teach them to relax when you handle them.

Raising any dog, not the only golden retriever, is not an undertaking that should be taken lightly. You have to really put your time and money to it. You must also let your pet know that they are loved. Do some research before you get a baby golden retriever and ask your fellow dog owners. If you purchase your baby golden retriever from a knowledgeable and reputable breeder, do not hesitate to ask the breeder for guidance about areas that concerns your new family member since serious breeders can provide new dog owners with a lot of helpful advice about their specific breed.