Adopt a Golden Retriever

Adopt a Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever puppy

You have several options if you are interested to acquire a Golden Retriever as a pet or to assist in your work. One of them is to adopt a Golden Retriever from a shelter or rescue facility. Although adopting a Golden Retriever is still fairly uncommon, choosing to adopt is giving a puppy or an adult dog a second chance in life and it is therefore certainly something to at least consider when you want to get a dog. The process, however, might be longer than when you purchase a puppy from a breeder as there are regulations that must be complied with before a dog is released to the new owner.

In some cases, but certainly not all, adopting a Golden Retriever will be less expensive than purchasing one. You should however keep in mind that an adopted dog might need even more love and attention than a dog purchased directly from a reputable breeder since the adopted dog might have gone through extreme ordeals before it was rescued. Once adopted dogs learn to trust their new owner, they are however famous for turning into extremely devoted and affectionate pets.

If you have decided to go ahead and adopt a Golden Retriever, the first step is to look at the available dogs at the animal rescue center nearest you. In the case of Golden Retrievers, there are specific rescue organizations that cater exclusively to this dog breed. In the United States, these groups can be found in almost every state. You can either browse the Internet or inquire from a veterinarian as to the exact location of an animal shelter or Golden Retriever rescue group. The next step would be to contact that Golden Retriever rescue center or visit it to see the available dogs or puppies. You will then be evaluated by the administrator as to your capacity to be a worthy owner and your willingness to adopt a Golden Retriever.

You have to understand that unlike when you buy a dog from a breeder, the selection in a rescue center is limited thus, your preferences may not be met. The goal of these non-profit organizations is to place all the abandoned and neglected dogs in a loving home with responsible owners. Their strict guidelines during the adoption process are designed to find the perfect match between owner and dog, and avoid the probability of the animal being left homeless again. As much as possible, volunteers in these particular animal shelters want to save all the dogs and prevent unnecessary euthanization.

If you desire a Golden Retriever pup, you might encounter difficulty if you are looking at a rescue center as most of the animals here are beyond their puppy years. Age is one of the reasons why owners abandon their dogs. A lot of people purchase Golden Retriever puppies and then abandon them as they grow bigger and more demanding. A Golden Retriever demands time in the aspect of active exercise and proper grooming and you need to spend money on food and health care.

The beneficial effects of adopting a Golden Retriever is not limited to the concerned creature but to the human owner as well. Aside from helping the animal, you are likely to establish a strong connection with your new pet. Most of these dogs may have suffered some form of trauma from being separated from their initial owners. There are likewise cases of special Golden Retrievers that require more attention and correspondingly entails a more patient dog owner.