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The Akita is Japanese dog thought to originate from the Akita Prefecture in Japan. It is sometimes referred to as Akite Inu, since “inu” means dog in Japanese. In Japan, the breed is however commonly known as Akita-ken. The Akita is known to be a very quiet dog. It can bark, but it only barks to alert its owner of suspicious activity and will then become silent again.

The Akita dog can trace its ancestry back to both hunting dogs and fighting dogs. It has a strong prey drive and should not be left alone with small animals, such as guinea pigs and rabbits. If you let your Akita roam free in your yard, it can catch rodents and other pests. The Akita is a dominant dog that will try to command most other dogs.

It is important to purchase your Akita dog from a reputable breeder that strives to develop relaxed and good natured Akita dogs. The Akita was once known as the Japanese Fighting Dog, but serious breeders are today creating excellent family dogs. You must however remember that the Akita is a strong-willed creature that needs firm training to find its natural place in your family. Be persistent in your training and you will get an extremely loving and devoted family dog.

Before you get an Akita dog, it is important to learn about its temperament and how it should be trained. You can for instance take a look at the following sites.

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