Redclaw crayfish
Redclaw crayfish

Redclaw crayfish

By: jbeining75

Species name: Cherax quadricarinatus

Common name: Redclaw crayfish, Blue lobster, Blue crayfish, Blue yabby, North Queensland yabby

Family: Parastacidae

Order: Decapoda

Class: Crustacea

Maximum size: 8-12 inches depending on setup

Environment: Freshwater

Origin: Northern Australia and Northeastern Queensland

Temperament: Aggressive

Company: This crayfish is best kept solitary. The crayfish is relatively large and will chase and eat fish, snails, or other crayfish if given the opportunity. They have been known to pick at or uproot plants. If the fish is too large for them to eat they will nip at it and torment to no end. Some have had success at keeping in a community tank but it is all upto the crayfishs temperament as they vary drastically.
Water parameters: 68-78F, pH 6.4-8.0, soft to hard water. They are a very adaptive species and can be kept in coldwater as well as tropical water temps.

Aquarium setup: A tank with driftwood and plenty of caves is recommended. A planted tank is not ideal as the species will uproot and eat plants.

Feeding: These crayfishes main diet should be vegetable matter but they will filter feed debris and pellets off the bottom, as well as, eat live plants.They will eat dying or dead fish. Brine shrimp, tubifex worms, and bloodworms will also work.

Breeding: To breed raise the temperature in the tank above 80F to simulate the hot season. Perform water changes and feed the crayfish live foods like mysis, brine, or even beefheart. The female will carry her clutch under her tail or swimmerets until ready to hatch.