Skunk Cory - Corydoras Arcuatus
Skunk Cory - Corydoras Arcuatus

Skunk Cory - Corydoras Arcuatus

Skunk Cory
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Species Name: Corydoras Arcuatus

Synonyms: None

Common Names: Arched Cory, Skunk Cory

Subfamily: Corydoradinae

Family: Callichthyidae

Order: Siluriformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Max Size: 2 Inches – 5 cm

Environment: Freshwater

Origin: Very Broad, South America; Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador

Temperament: Very peaceful

Company: Keep in schools of 3-4+, 6+ is ideal. They do well with other friendly fish species.

Water Parameters: Moderate PH,(6.5-8.0), Low to medium-low dH,(5-15), Temperature, 72-81 (22-27 C)

Aquarium Setup: 10-15 Gallons minimum tank size. Sand or gravel substrate, rough substrate is not recommended. This species like a planted tank with driftwood. The Skunk Cory is more sensitive to water conditions than most Corys and requires good filtration and water parameters to thrive. Water Changes and vacuuming the gravel are a must.

Feeding: Accepts flake foods, algae wafers, Cory pellets, shrimp pellets, insects, benthic crustaceans, most types of worms including diced earthworms, and most plant and vegetable matter.

Sexing: Females will appear wider when viewed from above. The female Skunk Cory is often less colorful.

Breeding: Though this is one of the harder Corys to breed, breeding is similar to other Corys. The female carries a few of the eggs between her pelvic fins while the male fertilizes them. She then hides them in a safe spot, She usually choose a spot with dense vegetation. They will continue this process until around 100 eggs have been placed in different spots. A PH of 6.5 - 7.0 is ideal and using cold water (approx. 60 F) for water changes is a must to induce spawning in this species, live foods will also increase the likely hood of spawning.

Special Behavior: It is important to note that this species of Corydora is nocturnal, but can learn to be active in the daytime as well.