Leopard Cory - Corydoras Leopardus
Leopard Cory - Corydoras Leopardus

Leopard Cory - Corydoras Leopardus

Leopard Cory
Leopard Cory - Copyright www.jjphoto.dk

Species Name: Corydoras Leopardus

Synonyms: None

Common Names: Leopard Cory, Leopard Catfish

Family: Callichthyidae

Subfamily: Corydoradinae

Order: Siluriformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Max Size: 2.5 - 3"/6-7,5 cm.  2.5/6cm is most common.

Environment: Freshwater

Origin: South America; Amazon River Basin

Temperament: Very Peaceful

Company: Does fine with basically any peaceful fish.

Water Parameters: The Leopard Cory does best in conditions similar to most other Corys. Low to moderate PH,(6.0-7.5), Low to medium dH,(5-20), Temperature, 70-79 F (21-26 C)

Aquarium Setup: 10-15 gallons /50-75 L minimum is recommended. Sand or gravel substrate, rough substrate is not recommended. The leopard cory love a planted tank and driftwood.

Feeding: Accepts flake foods, algae wafers, Cory pellets, shrimp pellets, insects, benthic crustaceans, most types of worms including diced earthworms, and most plant and vegetable matter.

Sexing: Female leopard corys are bigger and heavier and have rounder bellies than males. Their round bellies make their faces sit up off of the substrate when resting.

Breeding: Breeding is similar to other Corys, the female carries a few of the eggs between her fins while the male fertilizes them. She then finds a safe spot, usually heavy with vegetation, and hides them. They will continue this process until around 100 eggs have been laid. Soft, acidic water is always helpful and using cooler water for water changes can help to induce spawning.

Very similar patterning to Corydoras Trilineatus, but has a much more elongated snout.

Leopard Cory
Leopard Cory - Copyright www.jjphoto.dk