Pulsing Xenia
Pumping Xenia

Pulsing Xenia Coral

Text and pictures by: Mr.Prototype

Pulsing Xenia
Pulsing Xenia

Common Names: Pulsing Xenia, Pumping Xenia, Xenia

Scientific Name: Xeniid

Distribution: Red Sea

Type: Soft Coral

Aggression: Low but can outgrow other corals

Lighting: Medium to High

Flow: Low to Medium

Care Level: Can be picky but fast growing under good conditions

Supplements: Iodine but none neccessary

Temperature: 72: 81F

Position: Any although higer is reccomended

Aditional Information:  Sometimes used as an indicator of water quality, as the coral only pulses under good water quality.

Propagation Information: Asexual Fragmantaion by cutting with sharp siccors or knife and attatching to rock

Toxicity Information: None