Frogspawn Coral
Frogspawn Coral

Frogspawn Coral

Text and pictures by: Mr.Prototype

Frogspawn Coral
Frogspawn Coral

Common Names: Frogspawn, Green Frogspawn, Branching Frogspawn

Scientific Name:

Distribution: Indo-Pacific ocean

Type: LPS Coral

Aggression: Very Aggressive, adequent space is required

Lighting: (Medium) High Lighting

Flow: Low to moderate. High flow might hurt polyps. Frogspawn polyps will stay more retracted if kept in stronger current

Care Level: Easy

Supplements: Calcium

Temperature: 70: 82F

Position: Mid to upper levels

Aditional Information: Hardy coral if proper conditions are met. Should have high levels of calcium, over 400ppm. Maintain stable water quality and proper lighting and this coral should thrive. It is not uncommon to see clownfish hosting in this coral, as well as other from the genus, if they lack an anenome.

Propagation Information: Can be propagated through Fragmentation

Toxicity Information: Will sting