Fish Breeding: Condition the parents

Fish Breeding: Condition the parents

After choosing the parents, you need to condition the fish so that they spawn. One of the most effective ways to do this is to simulate their natural habitats as closely as possible. Making certain changes in the environment will also help you to encourage the fish to spawn.

Providing the right water conditions is one of the first steps. Conditions that are as similar to their natural habitats should be provided. Proper aquarium set-up that provides for enough "security", hiding places and crevices is essential. The water current, lighting and temperature should also be taken into consideration. Some fish mate only when they are in schools. Isolating these fish will discourage spawning.

Providing the right food is the next important thing to do. The mates that have been selected for spawning should be given food that is very high in protein. Live food seems to be a catalyst in this process. You can feed the fish up to three times a day. Of course, remember to clean up the aquarium after each feeding.

Some fish spawn during the rainy season. It can therefore be a good idea to simulate these conditions in the aquarium too. This is actually a very simple procedure. Reduce the water level in the aquarium to half the normal height. Add 5% of the aquarium volume everyday. Add soft water that is slightly cooler that the aquarium water. A drip system or a spray bar will help to add to the notion. During this time, fish should be fed heavily. This process can be repeated till fish show signs of spawning. Most fish respond to the first change in water conditions - like soft water or altered water temperature.

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