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    Default Lets Talk Bamboo Shrimp

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    Wow, talk about a collosus! I went to the pet store yeterday and saw my first bamboo shrimp in person. There was a group of 7 of them and the smallest was 3" long and as big as my pinky finger, and the biggest was a whopping 4.5" and as big around as my index finger. I had never seen fresh water shrimp that large and the price reflected it at $10 each.

    I was very tempted to buy one, but good sense took over when I realized I knew nothing about them. The tag on the tank said they do better in groups, but the store worker said most people bought them one at a time.

    Does anyone here have experience with these beasts and could give a quick run down of how to care for them and what they need?
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    I just googled this shrimp because my local Petco carries them - they are filter feeders - they need a tank with good water flow somewhere in the tank because it picks food out of the water.

    If they are seen picking at the substrate it means they aren't getting enough to eat. They spend a lot of time in one spot getting food. If there are enough nutrients in the water they will do fine.

    In general, shrimp and other invertebrates aren't recommended for new tanks - I didn't get my amano shrimp until my tank was running for 6 mos.

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    google will give more in-depth info, but in short: they're filter feeders. They sit in a high current area and pluck particles to eat out of the water column with the fans on their front legs. If your water is "too clean" or if you have too many in the tank you'll have to supplement their feeding with finely crushed fish flakes or something similar. I've never heard of them doing better in groups - the opposite, in fact, because the more you have, the more particles you need in your water to support them.

    I have one in my planted 75. Most of the time It sits in my java fern mountain where it's mostly invisible, but sometimes it's in a more visible spot. It's very low key. It doesn't move around much, it doesn't bother my fish, and the fish don't bother it. I do enjoy having it.
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    i am gonna pick on up when my tank get a little more establisted. mines only about 2 1/2 weeks cycled

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    Jul 2012

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    I ust to have a Vampire shrimp, lasted about 2 years and got fairly large.
    Vampire and bamboo are almost identical in requirements, and both filter feeders.
    Spent most of its time clinging onto an Amazon sword leaf, or on the filter intake. They are really interesting to watch, shed their skin once a month or so, get a long with almost all other freshwater shrimp.
    All in all they are a harmless FW shrimp that cleans your water.

    Id recommend them, just make sure you dont have any large hungry fish in the tank with them.

    $10 seems reasonable as i have seen Bamboo go for $3 to $14 CDN
    Vampire are the same but with spikes on their front legs for defence and a more red or blue colour, they can range anywhere from $10-$45 CDN.

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