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Thread: Stocking Q's

  1. Default Stocking Q's

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    Ok, currently I have 13 zebra danios, 1 ghost (glass) catfish, 1 Male Dwarf Gourami, 2 adult Platys, and about 16 Platy Fry (only plan to keep 10 full grown platys at one time)

    My question is, with the above stock in a 55 gallon, would adding the following cause any issues I should be aware of, seems like everything I've seen online says it should be ok

    1 Pitbull Pleco (rather than otos)
    5-6 Pygmy Cory
    2 Female Dwarf Gourami (if my LFS can locate any)

    I don't plan on breeding the DG, however I like the look of them (both male and female), plus I heard they could control the platy pop

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    I don't know about the other fish, but the corys would totally work - stick with 6 or more because they prefer a school.

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    Yea I'm hoping to find a good deal on them, a set of 10 on aquabid is $18 + (i think $15 to ship) but the shipping cost isn't detailed so a little nervous about that, plus they only have a 1 day warranty vs LFS at least 2 weeks

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    I've never actually seen a pygmy cory - my LFS's carry "typical" corys like peppered, albino, etc. - when it comes to "standard" aquarium fish, I prefer to get from a big box store because they have a good return policy.

    Also, regarding the pleco - do you know how large they get potentially? Also, I believe you need to have driftwood in your tank for a pleco.

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    Yea, i was looking at the dwarf or pygmy corys, i guess they stay like 1-1.5"

    and the pitbull pleco is supposed to stay small, like 2-3" when full grown, doesn't seem to be a ton of info avail on them, however from what I've seen is that they produce more waste than otos, but are a bit hardier

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    Plecos in general, are really big waste producers - they seem similar to goldfish in that respect.

    My corys are probably that big - they're really busy beavers & fun to watch.

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