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  1. Default Wedding planning woes. and miffs

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    so just started the process of planning my wedding. we got the venue after going to 2 places. love our choice. and the rep is really helpful. wanted to start on the cake since i want something unique.

    well we went to the first place which was recommended, and we tried to set up an appointment and they told us that they don't do that just come in for free tastings and they do quotes there.

    well we did. and brought all my cake stuff with us. and pictures. not that it was needed a lady had the picture on her calendar. go figure. well we look at pictures and i knew we wouldn't see anything close to what i wanted. the ladies there said what i wanted could only be quoted by the owner and she wasn't there. to call later and setup an appointment to speak to her and get a quote.

    so we leave and 2 days later i call to setup an appointment for January. i get the same girl we talked to on sat. and she tells me they don't do appointments with the owner unless you pay a $50 deposit. which she didn't say anything about on sat. which i didn't find comfortable doing. to me it seemed out to pay to get a quote. and it also miffed me. cause it seemed ridiculous.

    well i was so miffed i told the venue rep about it. cause she recommended this lady. and she sounded befuzzled. and said they don't do that. and no one charges for quotes. and she was going to call them and find out what was up. well low and behold the day after they e-mail me back to say i can come in this weekend cause the owner will be in. and if she has time she'll see me to give me a quote. but i'd have to sit there all day and she might not even give me a quote then.

    i found this even ruder and i don't plan to use them. but it has made this start out to be a pretty annoying venture. besides my mom doubling my guest list with people i don't want.
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    I thought they had big books you just picked out a cake and they had samples around of different cakes to taste? I didn't know it was such a big deal to order a cake. Guess you can tell how long it's been since I had a wedding cake!

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    Ugh. If the owner knows your order has already been a mishandled frustrating mess and can't set aside a few moments to speak to you, or talk to the clerk you spoke to you about what you want and leave a quote, or even empower her staff to use their best judgement if something comes up I'd go with another shop. These are all red flags. They seem don't seem accommodating or flexible or eager to please the customer. And if a custom order is so hard to even get a quote on, that tells me they generally ONLY do the cakes in their book, which generally come in as a kit. They may not have the skills to really pull of a custom cake without a step-by-step kit to use as a crutch.

    Hah... can you tell I used to be part of a bakery that did lots of wedding cakes?
    If the cake is important to you, I'd pass on the recommendation and find somewhere else.

  4. Default

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    I got my wedding cake from someone that does cakes out of their home. So much cheaper and tasty too. I had a pretty simple 4 tier round, alternating dots and lines on the tiers. Had real flowers on top.

    I would see who your friends or family have used for cakes, unless the venue has rulez on who they would let in to do cake.

  5. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady10Godiva
    I got my wedding cake from someone that does cakes out of their home. So much cheaper and tasty too. I had a pretty simple 4 tier round, alternating dots and lines on the tiers. Had real flowers on top.

    I would see who your friends or family have used for cakes, unless the venue has rulez on who they would let in to do cake.
    my aunt does this. and because of that i don't trust that. she let's her dogs lick cakes or they get into the ingredients and she doesn't get rid of them and still serves the cakes. i find it disgusting. so that makes me leery of in home cakes.

    the venue gets us discounts with their list of cake bakeries.

    i looked up reviews on this place to yesterday. they have a bad habit it seems of loosing cake toppers (mine is a 3rd the price of my dress! and i bought it in Disney world.) and making cakes in the wrong colors and delivering and not fixing damaged cakes. and then having to fight to get even partially refunded. so we aren't going to use them.

    and i used another site to find another baker. we are going to go see them next month for a tasting and quote. they do rum cake! (my fave!) and has pictures of lots of strange shaped and crazy cakes. so hopefully i'll be able to use them and have a better experience.

    @ladyhobbs the cake i want sadly i can't pick out in a book. my topper weighs like 3lbs. so the top tier has to be fake (foam) and i want my cake to match the topper. which is the scene from the little mermaids kiss the girl. we are having a little mermaid wedding.
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    lot's of fish and aquatic themed art to be found. plus anime.

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    Good luck! Sounds awfully complicated. I don't rember it being that much work back when I got married either...
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    A Little Mermaid wedding - please forgive me for finding this funny.

    I would try and get recommendations from people who have used places for cakes

    When a place gives you a runaround in ANY way, they dont' deserve your business - great customer service is the way to go - the more a place makes you feel you are a valued customer (and not an inconvenience for them), the more likely you are to bring them future business with referrals.
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    Gosh, I'm so glad I'm a guy and diden't have to deal with anything other than a rehearsal! You must be frustrated as all heck! I sure hope you can find someone who would appreciate your business and treat you with the respect you deserve! Good Luck...

    Life is tough, it's even tougher if your stupid.
    If your not angry, your not paying attention...
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  9. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by andreahp
    A Little Mermaid wedding - please forgive me for finding this funny.
    oh i can make it funnier. we are both cosplayers, and he's a war reenactor with a love of russian military, who met at a steampunk club meeting. so the grooms side is going to be in romanov russian military uniforms. the grooms in the colors of prince eric.

    the ring bearer and flower girl will be prince eric (my godson is named eric. XD) and tinkerbell. the brides maids all in mermaid style dresses.

    and the guests are coming in steampunk, disney characters, or normal fancy attire.

    and it on october 12th. :3 so close to halloween.

    and our cakes will be the little mermaid and bright colored so it's gonna look like a rich kids b-day cake. and the grooms cake is going to be the red room from twin peaks in blue velvet flavored. (+1 to all who get that reference)

    just imagine the epic choas to ensue on that dance floor. and to be even crazier, wedding march is from flash gordon.
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    lot's of fish and aquatic themed art to be found. plus anime.

  10. Default

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    Oh my. Sounds truly interesting!

    Wedding planning crap is why we decided to run away to Hawaii and get married. Nobody there but our parents. We threw a little bit of money at the hotel, they set everything up, all I had to do was show up. 15minutes, we were married.

    Oh, and that was 8 years ago today...throw us together with two little kids, six cats, a lot of fish, and acreage we are trying to reforest, that's our family!
    1 - 55 gallon planted community
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    My advice: slow down, think, and be willing to learn. Then you'll be fine, no matter what.

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