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Thread: New pond

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    Default New pond

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    I'm toying with the idea of building an outdoor pond in a space we have near the pool. Haven't got as far as working out capacity yet but looking at building for 2 juvenile small turtles, 5 goldfish and maybe some snails.
    First question is will the goldfish eat the turtles (goldfish are 4 - 5 year old comets and 6 - 7") Are there any fish the turtles wont eat once they are big enough? Got truckloads of research to do yet, but gotta start somewhere.
    BTW I should be able to get a licence (legal requirement here) without problems. Thoughts and suggestions?

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    goldfish shouldn't mess with your turtles. they aren't exactly the predatory type.

    whats a ballpark figure on the size of this pond? just wondering because DIY filtration is pretty easy to build if you wanted.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    Probably looking around 300 - 350 gallon, original idea was to set up a sump type filter, may even go hydroponic or aquaponic

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    we built a 'bucket-filter' out of a garbage pail for our pond. very simple filters to make and you can build them any size. Aeonflame has a bucket-filter build using a 5g pail here on the forum.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    Thanks mate, I'll keep fossicking round on the forum, post some more when we get started

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    I doubt the Goldfish will be harming the turtles in any way, they are definitely not the aggressive type. I recommend Shubunkin's as an addition to your pond. I would also say that adding snails are a necessary part of a well balanced ecosystem. What kind of filtration where you thinking about?

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    Thanks Fish, we've got to the design stage, worked out at 299.4 gallons, will go with Crispy and Aeonflames style of filter (slightly modified) with a sculptured waterfall return to the pond. And yes, the pond is going to be the repository for most of the snails removed from the other tanks. Shubunkins are cool, but I already have stock outgrowing their current lodgings (fancy comets)

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    depending on the size of the turtles (full grown based on gender and species.) you might need to go bigger.

    most sliders get a foot or more. red ears getting up to a 2ft shell. you are also better off with a single turtle unless you want to plan on babies or fighting.

    i'd look into the musk turtles if you want more than one or in that size of pound. usually topping at a 6"-10"
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    lot's of fish and aquatic themed art to be found. plus anime.

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    funnily enough we are starting construction today. I'm pretty much stuck with around 300 gallons because of available space where its going. Still researching the native turtles around here, seem to be around the same size as the musks you mention.

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    lucky you to be able to enjoy a pond in december. ours is winterized for the season. good luck in your build!
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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