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    Question Is my female guppy pregnant

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    On Sunday I got her at petsmart, and put her in my 2.5 gallon breeding tank with a male. Now her gravid spot is darker. And at times she has a drooped tail

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    If she has ever been in contact with a male, she is probably pregnant. They carry their fry for about 28 days.

    If she does have fry, they won't be from your male, but one at the petstore. If your looking to selectively breed you have to use the fry, seperate them as soon as you can sex them, and breed the females to your male.

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    Ok thanks. She is in my 2.5 gallon with a male, but I'm not sure if she's pregnant yet. And when her fry are born I want them to be healthy adults. Any advice?

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    IMO, 2.5 gal is way too small to keep both of those fish plus the fry when they're born - anywhere to put the adults when the babies are born?

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    Probably. Guppies are always pregnant.o

    1/2 Gal. Vase Veil Tail Betta (Ty) -- My little sister's
    1 Gal. Vase Veil Tail Betta (Felix)
    10 Gal. Fancy Guppies, 11 Ghost Shrimp, 1 Oto Cat
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    40 Gal. 2 Gold Pearl-scale Angels, 3 Sparkling Gouramis, 2 C120 Corys, 2 Peppered Corys, 1 Axel Rodi Cory, 5 Oto Cats

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    They would probably need at least a 5 gal. Plus if you figure 20 fry every 28 days.. that's a whole lot of fish. 10 gal. Tanks are cheap. I would invest in one, put fry in the 2.5, and give all the surplus to friends or trade for LPS store credit.

  7. Default probably pregnant

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    Been raising guppies for awhile... chances are she is pregnant. The female can also save sperm for a long time until conditions are right for delivering fry.

    I agree with others... your tank is too small. Or keep 2 males if you can't get bigger tank.

    Also have at least 2 females for every male (more females preferred) otherwise the male will stress the female out by constantly wanting to mate... this stress can kill the female.

    You need at least 10 gallons to allow females a place to hide (escape from males) and some hiding places (plants are great... live or plastic)... Try to make some dark places in the tank for females to hide (for example, put a "cave" on the bottom, or have something floating on top to make a shadowy area). I have used a glass mason jar, put on its side, as a cave. The females would go in and relax.

    As for separating the fry... no need. Yes the females MAY eat some of the fry but only the weaker ones. The others will grow stronger, faster and hardier if left in the tank with the adults.

    Find a pet store that will buy back babies... they can go to pet store at around 3 months old (or one inch, 2.5cm).

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