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    They all came from the same lake and have all been living in another aquarium for over 4 months so I don't think there is anything wrong with the fish. I am getting a test kit tomorrow so I can see what the water is doing. I just figured 14 fish in a 150 gallon wouldn't be too much. Like I said I used the exact same fish in the 75 gallon with no problem other than Brown algae for about a month. Only difference is I am using pool filter sand now instead of play sand..and a canister instead of hob

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    Okay I got my test 7.6 ..ammonia .25ppm...nitrite...0....nitrate do I need to do more water changes?

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    I would say yes, but you have a way bigger tank than my ten gallon. so don't know for sure. I am thinking your nitrAte reading could be a problem.

    20 gal tall - 7 rasbora het, 8 rummynose tetras, 2 oto cats, 1 zebra nerite, 1 assassin snail, 3 crypto plants, 2 mossballs, java fern on driftwood with bronze crypto on that same piece, java moss attached to driftwood, 1 male crowntail betta - Khonsu

    10 gal tank - 1 moss ball, 3 endlers males, 4 glowlight tetras, 1 rock with java moss, 1 piece of spider wood with java moss and 1 young crypto plant attached to it

    2.5 gallon Betta tank - 1 moss ball, Helios (HM BETTA MALE), 1 assassin snail

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    So since my ammonia levels are low and I have no nitrites...does that mean it hasn't cycled yet or its already done?

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    Well everything seems to be getting better...the cloudiness is almost completely gone. I cleaned aquarium glass and it doesn't seem to he getting brown algae growing on it anymore. I changed the direction of my nozzle on the fx5...I had it blowing at the top of the tank when it was cloudy. I then pointed it down to about the middle and a few hours later the cloudiness started going away. Could there be something to do with the water on top of the tank or is this probably a coincidence?

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