Hello Aquarium lovers! I have learned that you like as many details as possible so here it goes!

I'm starting to notice a bit of an algae issue with my tank. It 10 gallons, is fully cycled (fishless), has 1 Life-Glo 15W full spectrum fluorescent light and I plan on getting a 2nd one tomorrow to replace the old bulb I got with the tank.

I also have 2 FlourishTabs (gravel bed supplement) positioned for maximum coverage and proximity to the plants.

PH: 7.5
Nitrate: 5mg/L
Timer set to give the aquarium 10 hours of light.

I have 2 swords, 2 java ferns, a moss ball, several little java ferns and 1 betta that loves to explore them.

Algae issue: What seems to be either staghorn or thread algae. I clipped the leaves that were the most affected (oddly enough, the one that was the most affected was the one that was in the direct path of the water returning from the filter). I also noticed little white strands about 3mm long appearing everywhere on the aquarium glass. It reappears within a day of being scrubbed away.

Keeping in mind that I am pretty new to this, can somebody please explain to me what I should do to control this outbreak? I'm certain that it has to do with the light/nutrients/plants that I have aren't healthy enough, but with all the reading I've been doing online I'm still a bit lost.

I'd appreciate any help (and patience if I ask many follow up questions)

Thanks! :)