Hey all,

The aftermath of superstorm Sandy has left me with some deaths, including the centerpiece of my tank 2 keyhole cichlids. I enjoyed the keyholes but figure now would be a good time to venture further into the cichlid world (CA/SA specifically) and try something new.

A little background on the tank
Planted tank that's in rejuvenation right now due to lack of maintenance on my part causing a major algae outbreak :-\ . Including some smaller Crypt sp. , Vals, and Hygrophila. Rest of the aquascape is large driftwood going the whole height of the tank(22"), and smooth 1/4-1/2 gravel.

Fish right now are 3x longfin zebra danio(original cyclers of the tank-2.5-3yrs old) and 2 harlequin rasboras(originally 10 before the storm) and 1- 1"speckled cory.

ph 7.4, amm 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5ppm- I'll be watching carefully this next week or so since the tank sat stale for almost 6days.

Now onto the stocking!

I've been reading and rereading Guide to Cichlids by David E. Boruchowitz. Fantastic book covering a good portion of new and old world cichlids. After making lists and continually shortening them my finalists are:

Nannacara anomala
Laetacara dorsigera (or curviceps)
Cichlasoma portalegrense(or other smaller Cichlasoma)
Cryptoheros sajica
Herotilapia multispinosa

I know some are more rare, so they may be scratched but what I'm looking from you guys and gals is experience. Are some not suitable for a planted tank? Should I shoot for a pair of one type? Get singles of different? Are some too aggressive for a community tank? I'm looking to restock the harlequins maybe a school of 8-10, and possibly remove the danios.

thanks in advance!